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Susan Nimbley
Artist, Teacher & Founder of
 Atelier d'art des Rapides
Atelier d'art des Rapides is an Art Studio and School located in LaSalle, (Quebec) offering art classes for adults and children, beginner or advanced.  

This studio also offers a special program for students who are intellectually challenged or socially disadvantaged.  See  the "Pennies From Heaven Project" below for more information.

Interested in learning more?
I'm committed to helping students achieve their artistic goals
Do you believe ART can change your world?

I've been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil in my hand.  "If I can see it, I can draw it", or so I reasoned as a 4 years old...
Fast forward to today, I am a master portraitist, a trompe l'oeil muralist, an avid plein air painter and an inspirational teacher. 

I've been teaching students drawing and painting for over 20 years, often with amazing results. 
(Check out the Student Wall of Fame on the home page of this site to see what some of my students, including beginners, are doing.)  

Anyone can learn to draw or paint, if they have the right mind set, commit to lots of practice and, put into practice what they've learned.

I have  students with special needs.  Some are intellectually challenged, some are socially disadvantaged, some are adults and some are children.  But doing "art" has changed their lives, sometimes in a profound and remarkable way. Which brings me to my pet project: "Pennies From Heaven"

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 you'll make a few bucks for yourself (clicking ads, filling out surveys and doing micro tasks) AND you'll help support an aspiring art student with special needs.  

"Pennies From Heaven"   Every CLICK counts because every PENNY counts. 

Pennies From Heaven
Via Pay Pal 
First attempt at painting of a
9 year old student
Parc des Rapides in LaSalle, Qc.